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About Me

About ME

Hey everyone, this is Giulia. Giulia Cimarosti, that is!

Giulia who?

I’m a travel blogger, a photographer and a hospitality professional. And so much more actually…

I am 32 BUT I LOOK YOUNGER (just say yes) and I’m Italian by birth. However I have lived in the USA, in the UK, in Egypt and Honduras. Now I am currently back in Italy!

Traveling is my oxygen. AS simple as it sounds, I get high on discovering what’s going on on the other side of the world, and meeting new people on my trips.

I travel solo because I’ve been single for most of the past years, and also because I love taking time for myself and think. I’m probably what is defined a socially awkward person.

Some background

I’ve spent a looong time in Egypt, mainly in Cairo, living and working there. I was there during the Revolution and all, but after about a year I forced myself to leave as my everyday life was not as enjoyable as it used to be anymore (more details about this on my blog!).

Now I’m back in Italy where I have a full time job 8 months a year, then I travel extensively in and out of the Country!

About me

I like looking at the sky. The stars.

I like sleeping until late and going to bed late.

I love all things nature (except spiders and mosquitoes but I don’t kill them). I’m also a vegetarian and a wannabe vegan.

I’ve always been a somewhat melancholic person and I am ok with it.

People say I look good. What I know is that I get skinny to curvy and back all the time. So I’m always different.

I graduated with the highest marks. Here, I had to tell someone. This has never made any difference in finding a job in Italy, as sad as it can sound.

I take photos because A) I love it and B) it makes me feel good.

I like driving and I’m good at it!

Sometimes I practice meditation but I get distracted sooo easily!

Since I came back to Italy, I finally had time to do some things I didn’t have time for before when I was nomadic: playing bass guitar (I’m a metalhead!), working a “regular” job, and maybe I’ll even buy a house. Whoa!

Yeah but what does Giulia do for a living?

Nothing magic. I work for a veeery famous international luxury travel brand during the summer, and I work as a photographer during the rest of my time, when possible.

Got more questions? Ask me anything! My email is [email protected] and I’m waiting for your messages.

  • Giulia, thank you for your help. Your website really helped me making the most out of my trip. Finding the places you recommended was like finding a treasure while on a treasure hunt. Looking for the picturesque bar in El Dokki or going up to the Pizza Hut for the best picture in Egypt, is help gotten from your website that made my trip extremely memorable.
    Ever Jan Man
  • Thank you so much for all your advise Giulia. It was so nice of you to take the time and help me out with your knowledge and experiences of Egypt. We were a little insecure about visiting Cairo as it was our first time to an Arabic Country and on top during Nov 2012 when there was another wave of unrest. You made our trip much more easy as all of your answers to my (partially trivial) questions put my mind at ease. We also appreciated the suggestions about the things we thought about seeing and the ones we did not know about. You are a great Travel blogger and a very helpful person. I wish you many more great adventures and look forward to keep following your stories on your blog. Thanks again!
    Manuela Becker
  • I had a 6day trip to Reykjavik (Feb. 10-15) and your blog is by far the best stuff i could find on the internet… articles really helped me a lot.
    Ersin Okkaya