Here are my photo entries for Capture the Colour #CTC13

So it’s that time of the year again! The “Capture the Colour” contest is on again, and I super happy that I was nominated by one of my favorite photographers in the world – Daniel Nahabedian of Canvas of Light (go check out his website, you will love his work).

If you want to participate in the contest, you don’t have to be nominated (it’s just a way to keep the game going), just post your best 5 shots on your blog, representing the following colors: yellow, white, blue, green and red. You have time until October 7th! And as usual, I am doing things at the last minute. Story of my life.

Hmmm... wondering how this thing works! :)

Hmmm… wondering how this thing works! :)

For more information on the rules and prizes (which are awesome!), click here. Just make sure you use the #CTC13 hashtag when sharing, so that your entries are acknowledged by the organizers of the contest (Travelsupermarket) and the judges.

It was extremely hard to pick these 5 photos, sometimes I had many options (especially for blue), and other times I had no photos with that color so I had to look for the right occasion and shoot! In the end, I came up with the following selection, and I hope you like it. No matter if I win or not, this is fun. Please, let me know what photos you like more by leaving a comment below.

So here we go!


Yellow - Dar El Makhzen, Fez, Morocco

Yellow – Dar El Makhzen, Fez, Morocco

This is a close up photo of one of the many doors of the King’s Palace (Dar el Makhzen) in Fez, Morocco. I was there recently for the first time, and I was very impressed by the typical Moroccan decorations in palaces, fountains and riads. The colors and details are incredible, especially if you think about how much work they require. I am not sure whether this door is in real gold or not, but either way it’s a real jewel…


White - Fjallsárlón, Iceland

White – Fjallsárlón, Iceland

What’s whiter than ice? You saw this photo before on my Iceland posts. It’s my favorite one of the trip! In the winter, the Fjallsárlón lagoon is frozen and people often walk on the ice. Because I am a chicken, I was too scared to do so, but at least I managed to take some good photos while my photographer friend and his dog ventured out on the ice. Little humans, big nature.


Blue - Mer de Glace, Italy-France

Blue – Mer de Glace, Italy-France

More “little humans”! Last month I went to the Aosta Valley in northern Italy, and took the Mont Blanc cable car to the highest point where you can see the Mont Blanc Glacier (aka Mer de Glace) below and pretty much all around you. I stayed there for a couple of hours, observing some brave mountaineers who started their hike before my eyes, and slowly moved across the glacier, looked smaller and smaller, then disappeared in the blue shadow.


Green - the Northern Lights over Reykjavik, Iceland

Green – the Northern Lights over Reykjavik, Iceland

Seeing the Northern Lights was on my bucket list and I finally realized my dream on last February. I took this photo on a cold night in Reykjavik (location here), after waiting for some 4 hours in the Icelandic wind. I was about to leave… and suddenly the show started! I will never forget those moments – 10 minutes of pure ecstasy. When the green wave disappeared and the sky turned dark again, I found myself saying “thanks” to the sky.


Red - Chefchaouen, Morocco

Red – Chefchaouen, Morocco

Who would ever shoot a red themed photo in the “blue city” of Chefchaouen, Morocco? Me, of course! Well, I didn’t expect it either, but it happened. I was walking in the characteristic blue medina of Chefchauen, and found a guy washing the street in front of his shop. He was throwing buckets of water on the pavement so I guess he had to move this carpet to the side. The red of the carpet caught my attention and still does, every time I look at the photo. Red 1 – blue 0!


So these were the photos I picked. I hope you enjoyed them!

And my five nominations are:

Jaime @ breakawaybackpacker.com

Mina @ somedayillbethere.com

Juno @ runawayjuno.com

Clelia @ keepcalmandtravel.com

Jason @ anoutofthewayplace.com 

Good luck everyone!

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13 Responses to Here are my photo entries for Capture the Colour #CTC13

  1. oh yes! To choose the 5 best is the most difficult task; I will post mine tomorrow!

  2. Having had the stress myself of doing things in lastminute, I am glad, I have done my submission and as you sadi, the choice is the hardest thing of it all.

    To your submissions: I aboslutely love the yellow one!! Also really like the red, it is such an unexpected contrast to the blue of the environment and I can understand. And of course the “dance” of the nothern lights is gorgeous! Good choice. Good luck!

    Hope mine will be liked by the others as well

  3. Kathryn says:

    You and me both leaving it to the last minute, you posted on the same day I did. Love your collection, especially the yellow door. I want to open them and look inside. Best of luck.

  4. kle says:

    Thanks Giulia for nominating me, such an honor from a talented photographer as yourself.
    I just discovered that i’m not on time anymore, due to my lovely hacker who messed up with my website for days. So I’m here to wish you a huge GOOD LUCK!
    Honestly? the green one should win. It’s absolutely stunning, they all are but as soon as i saw that one i thought just “wow”!

  5. Mo says:

    I was hoping to say blue is my fav but after seeing the green photo I envy you so much for seeing the aurora :P Great pics Giulia

  6. Ivan Taptrip says:

    Really got all the colors! Great post, very nice pictures! :D

  7. eyeandpen says:

    Wonderful pictures! The last picture looks like winter with a lovely blanket of snow!

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