The Indian Palm Leaves Prophecy

India is the mother of spirituality. The land of the incredible, the country of thousands colors and beliefs.

India is one of a kind. No, I’ve never been there but I am so attracted by her and having a mother that goes to India every year, I heard so much about it. And I want have to go, as soon as possible.

The other day, I was having dinner with my mother and she got a text message: “turn on the tv on channel 2″ – so we did. There was a documentary about India, and the Palm Leaves Prophecy. Another incredible thing that happens only in India!

According to the legend, 4000 years ago God himself dictated his message to a group of messengers, who wrote them on palm leaves. These leaves are still in India, especially in the Tamil Nadu region, and people go there from all over the world to know about their own destiny – yes, apparently there is a leaf for each one of us, with our story written on it.

I was amazed already, but my mom said “Oh, I’ve been there! I had my leaf read. Do you want to see?”

What kind of a question is that? Of course I wanted to read what the prophecy told her… And why the hell she didn’t tell me before?

The palm tree readers are called “Nadi readers” and they are the only people who can interpret those ancient writings. When you go to one of these centers, they start taking your fingerprint - right thumb for men, left one for women – and according to the kind of fingerprint, they will search through a specific group of leaves. There are 108 kinds of fingerprints, with different names and features. The name of the fingerprint is on the leaf.

The reader will then sit in front of you, with all the suitable leaves. Then he goes through them, asking you questions… until he finds your leaf.

My mother realized the Nadi reader found her leaf when she heard the translator saying “Your name is Carla, your father’s name is Edoardo, your mother’s name is Pasqua and your husband name is Marco” – Yes, he was definitely talking about my her. And these don’t sound like common names in India.

Indian Palm Leaves Prophecy manuscript

The booklet with my mom's palm leaf transcription - ok, wrong spelling but the name is right!

Are you curious to know what was written on my mother’s leaf? Well, I have the manuscript here, with the English translation too. I won’t say things too personal, but I can tell you that it’s a pretty detailed description of my mother’s life… year by year.

Here are some random facts that made me believe in the prophecy:

  • The reader knew that my mother had a son and a daughter (me and my brother), that we were not married by then (my brother got married afterwards), and that she wasn’t living with her husband anymore (right).
  • The reader knew that I was going to have an accident last year – and it was true. I never had an accident before but I broke a vertebra last year.
  • The reader knew that my mother works in a financial institution (she works in a bank).
  • The reader knew that my brother was going to have problems with his wife (he got married in 2009, and is separated aready).
  • The reader knew I graduated, and my brother didn’t.
  • The reader knew I have some trouble getting married – LOL true! But it’s a choice.
Indian Palm Leaves Prophecy manuscript

The manuscript transcription of my mother's palm leaf

But there is something that makes me doubt: he said my brother likes to travel and I don’t! Did he swap us for a second?

Other than this, I can’t tell. They wrote about the future too, and we have to see what happens! There are good things about me so it made me feel good. It says I help other people and that I will succeed in my career without obstacles. That I will have problems with my pregnancy. Well I actually don’t want children so… I don’t worry for now!

It says also personal things about deaths and diseases so I’m not writing about this here. Plus, it’s my mom’s leaf so I can’t make gossip about her! There’s of course much more about her life than mine and my brother’s, on the prophecy.

Oh and I forgot to say that my mother got her leaf read in Kerala.

Is everyone’s destiny written on a palm leaf, somewhere in India? How does this all work? These are questions I still can’t answer, but I admit I didn’t make too much research. I’ve been reading my mother’s booklet only for now.

What do you think about this? Did you ever have your palm leaf read?

Personally, I think 2 things:

  • This is super interesting.
  • I want to go to India!!!

I am actually applying for jobs in India (and everywhere else in the world too…), so if you can help… I would be more than happy. :)

And for the “mystery series”, that’s all for today!

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32 Responses to The Indian Palm Leaves Prophecy

  1. LeslieTravel says:

    That is quite a coincidence! I think the palm leave reading would be fun but I’m a skeptic. I think there was some good guessing involved ;)

    • Giulia says:

      I am kinda skeptic too, but I want to figure out how they discover all those facts about us! Maybe related to digital print? Hmmm…

    • Raiden says:

      You are too materialistic ladies! There are of course something more to it than you actual perceive

  2. akshaye says:

    Well, i dn`t want to put myself in controversy as am unsure about it,but i think there is some science involved or some smart guessing!! you will find hundreds of ppl in india who will claim to be astrologer and predict your future by seeing palm,or as u said leaf or through your ancestor history…so no comments…
    About “NADI reader” – haven`t heard of them but i have heard of “NADI doctor” who will cure your illness by checking your NADI(In hindi NADI is vein containing oxygen in human body) and its movement.

    and yeah,as you said you have to come to india….so that i`ll accompany you to get our palm leaf read??? LOl!!

    • Giulia says:

      This documentary said “Nadi reader”, and this is also written on my mother’s booklet (see pic), so that’s probably how these guys are called:) And yesss please take me to the palm leaf read! I want to come to India!!!

  3. Sherry says:

    How absolutely fascinating! India is so strangely interesting. But to be honest, I don’t know if I want to know what my prophecy has in store for me. If its already predestined, I can’t do anything about what will happen anyway. I much rather just live life day to day and enjoy it more. :)

  4. vitra says:

    this is so interesting! I’ve never visited Kerala and was planning to do so within the next year or so…part of me wants to know–but part of me thinks the fun of life is not knowing!! such a dilemna!

  5. Sabrina says:

    Wow! That’s pretty amazing. I’m a skeptic, but hearing these types of stories makes me reconsider. If they can actually tell the future from a leave… not sure if I’d really want to know. What if it’s bad? Then how would you handle it? Hmmm…. Interesting though!

  6. Giadina says:


  7. Abhijit says:

    I have heard about a lot of astrology going on back home in India, but hadn’t heard of Palm leaf reading.. interesting! It piques my interest on how they predict it. I am not a skeptic, I am a complete non-believer! :D

  8. Sarah Wu says:

    That’s really fascinating! I wonder how they known all those stuff too. Hmm…

  9. megan says:

    Oh wow…that’s pretty amazing! I’d love to have this done, this stuff fascinates me.

    I’ll be interested to hear how your Indian job search goes! I’d love to live there for a while. Good luck with it :)

  10. Waooo what a cool information i like there all information it is a very amazing and i’ll be interesting to here information. Good work i like this..

  11. Ceri says:

    That is so cool. I’d love to do something like that, Giulia. I’m definitely going to go and get my palm leaf read when I visit India (one day, I hope!) :D

    And you’re applying for jobs in India? Even better! One of my closest friends has been going back and forth there ever since was 19. She lived over there for 2 years, came back to the UK for three to study Politics in university. And now spends 6 months here, saves up money, then spends 6 months there, and so on and so forth. I know you’ll loveit. :D

  12. Patrik says:

    Hey Giulia, pretty useful info for me as I aim to visit one of the Palm Leaves Libraries. I am heading to Patanjaly Yoga Research Centre in Kerela and my Indian friends mentioned that they know about it. It is one of my main aims to see if it is true or not this palm leaves acta on everyone who will ever go there….pretty thrilling I have to admit, I can let you know if it was correct also in my case. Wishes, Patrik

    • Giulia says:

      Wow, sure, I would be super interested in knowing about your experience with the Palm Leaves. Write me at masr [at] bk [dot] ru :)

  13. Deepa says:

    I had my leaves read serveral years back, and I must admit that what ever the Palmleaf reader told actually truned out to be true. It is very amazing. I did not really believe everything that he said, and many things that he mentioned were not in my control. Yet their outcome was as he had mentioned. Kind regards, Deepa

    • Ajeet says:

      Deepa, could you share the info on the Nadi reader you’d approached. Would love to give a try…and get mine read.

  14. Priya says:


    Yes, i had mine read. So far, most of the predictions did come true. There are a lot of skeptics and non-believers, including my husband and in-laws who are from Tamil Nadu, but all i can suggest is to go and experience this for yourself and you’ll believe/not believe in it when things come true or dont come true. I agree, there are a few things that are not clearly told, which i think means, its a matter of free-will and choice.

    I tell my husband that one does not have t believe in these predictions, but if it is mentioned that you’ll succeed in something for eg. a particular field in your career, give it a shot and pursue it.. maybe there is a greater chance of you really succeeding in that field instead of “trying t figure it all out”!

    There are many nadi astrologers/ nadi readers.. but not all are good. Be cautious about which one you go to. Some fake readers can do more harm than good in predicting your destiny. I had mine read in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in India.

    Warm Regards,

    • Giulia says:

      Hi Priya, thank you so much for the info!
      I agree with you, it’s better to choose the reader carefully. When I am in India, I will make sure I choose a good one :)

  15. Wesley says:

    I have heard about people that are gifted this way. Over 40 years ago in Trinidad (West Indies) where there is a sizeable Hindu population; there lived an old man who was famous for reading palms. Before you begin to doubt him; he never charged a dime to read one’s palm. He was able to accurately prophecise several incredible events that eventually unfolded after his death.

  16. Aeron says:

    hi Guilia, I am very much interested in visiting this place. I am having a very bad phase in life right now. Could you tell me the address of this place so I too can find out about my prophecy.

    Kinda Regards!

  17. K.T.Maran says:

    I live in Chennai, India. I have ahd my leaves read. they are amazingly true as to the
    PAST, but are vague as regards the future.

    2. Also, what you know about the past, is nothing spectacular. The only AMAZING THING IS, probability wise, it is impossible to be so accurate. Your exact date of birth , with the planetary positions will be told to you.

    3. I must warn that there are several quacks in this field too.

    4. since I am in Chennai, and into tourism, if people want to have their leaves read, I can arrange to help on that. My offer is free. No charges. My email Id is mahiz1@yahoo.com


  18. Ram Prasad says:

    See this wiki article


    Nadi astrology or Nadi Jyothisham(in local language) is a form of astrology practised in Tamil Nadu, India. It is based on comparing thumbprints with ancient religious texts. It has its roots mainly in Tamil Nadu, but of course by time it is spreaded to other parts of the country. But if you want to have a look in to, better you visit Tamil Nadu especially Vaitheeswaran Temple which is almost 235 KM from Chennai. And as you said It is said that these predictions were made for all human beings who have lived or will ever live, but then a lot of the manuscripts have been destroyed or lost. Very few remain in existence now. So be careful in choosing the right Jyothishi(astrologer) for interpretation of your leaf, he may or may not be a fraud. And wish you good luck.

  19. Pinky says:

    If you dn’t want to have children, then that is a problem with pregnancy, it means that pregnancy will not accur to you.

  20. Rajesh says:

    Nadi astrology is true. It is believed to be written by a sage called “Agasthiar”, more than a couple of thousand years ago. He also wrote the grammar for Tamil Language, and hence, these leaves are found in Tamil only. However, there are few genuine Nadi readers and fake readers are more. These fake readers also do not have genuine leaves itself. The predictions from these fake readers will be more generic. But few are truly good readers and they even tell the name of the person, whose nadi is being read out, names of their close relatives, their education, profession etc.. Even people born and living in any part of the world has a leaf written for them. For the person, who is hearing this for the first time is unbelievable, but it’s real and true. I have my own personal experience.

  21. Joe says:

    Hi Rajesh,

    My friend is currently in Chennai. I would love her to get a reading for herself as she feels very tormented and the reading may give her better direction.

    How can she contact you by phone as she does not use email?


  22. Nalini says:

    I recently visited a Nadi reader in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has made some predictions about me. He took my thumb imprint then wrote down my last name after asking me. Then got a bundle of Palm leaves and asking questions to which I replied in yes or no. And then ! Lo and behold he gets a leaf where he says my fares full name, which is unusual, Mummas full name and my full name. We have all very unusual names. He even gave my DOB time etc.
    He called me on another day and made some predictions that he has taped. Let us see how things unfold now. Has asked me to follow some rituals.quite easy and doable.
    I wish that I am not dubbed.but was super impressed when he came out with all my personal details

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