Introducing “Egypt Life” blog: Egyptian everyday life in photos

I am proudly announcing the birth of a new project: The Egypt Life Blog (click on the screenshot to open)!

Egypt Life Blog template!


Pictures from Egyptian everyday life, from an Egyptian guy in Egypt to an Italian girl around the world.

Egyptian wool storage in Old Cairo



I left my beloved Egypt after 9 amazing months, and I’m missing my life there as hell.

Hazem lives in Cairo, and being the awesome friend he is, he started sending some pictures to me, to cheer me up.

This is how the “Egypt life” project started: an Egypt photo blog not only about pyramids, temples and monuments, but a portrait of the street life, and everyday life in general.

Come meet Egyptian characters in pictures, from the authenticity of an Egyptian observer, through the eyes of a foreign girl.



Hazem and Giulia... "the Authors" B-)

The two happy faces above belong respectively to Hazem and Giulia. Happy because we were in the middle of the desert, hopping on and off the dunes on a 4×4. This is the kind of stuff that makes us feel happy!

Muhammad Hazem is a 24 years old Egyptian YES man, enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life and escaping the corporate life very soon! Waiting for the right moment!

Giulia Cimarosti is a 27 years old Italian travel blogger, photographer, traveler and passionate anything-doer, who’s traveling the world on a very slow RTW trip – no rush!

They met in Egypt during an awesome camp in the desert, and once back in Cairo they never stopped chatting and exchanging their views on this crazy beautiful world. The time they spent together is better defined “exposing souls”.

Now that Giulia left Egypt, they miss each other and came up with this little funny project. To continue smiling together even if miles away.

Brawn and brain, excited about life and little things. Such as this blog.

They can be easily found doing silly stuff, especially in the desert.

Excited? We are, a lot! Check out the Egypt Life Blog at http://egyptlife.travelreportage.com!

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17 Responses to Introducing “Egypt Life” blog: Egyptian everyday life in photos

  1. Dear Blogger,

    I appreciate your effort for creating this blog. This blog will help some way, for some, one day. Keep doing the work for the peace and harmony of our universe. Our life is very short to do everything we want to do. So only do things that others like. Do not give pain to anybody.

    Anyway, thanks a lot. God Bless you!!!

  2. Ceri says:

    Sounds fabulous, Giulia. I’m heading straight over there to check it out. :D

  3. Such a sweet & adventurous story. Off to check it out now

  4. Juno says:

    Awesome project! I’m totally on board! :) Happy for the new start sis!

  5. akshaye says:

    Hi Guilia,

    Beautiful initiative…through this,outside world will get chance to look into daily routine of Egyptians and their life after recent ruckus and uncertainty….

  6. LeslieTravel says:

    Great idea! I’ll be following your new blog. I’d love to see shots of Cairo from an Egyptian perspective :)

  7. Erica says:

    Awesome girlie! Good luck on your new venture!

  8. It seemed that you did have lots of fun.

  9. Jaime says:

    Oh this is awesome… you know I can wait to get to Egypt. I am going to enjoy this new series!

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